Birthday Cake Contest

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Contest Information and Rules

Cake Must Be Ready For Sunday, March 15th from 12pm to 2:30pm. 

Registration Deadline: March 11th 3pm

142 Main St. Ellsworth (inside the former J&B Atlantic building)

Theme & Size Requirements

Theme: Happy Birthday Maine

All entries must reflect the theme of the contest

Entrants/Bakers may only submit one cake for judging

All cakes (including the display base) must fit within a 24’’ x 24’’ space. There will be two/three cakes displayed per table

Cake & Decorations

All cakes must be comprised of “real cake”. (No cereal bars or styrofoam) Cheesecakes are permitted

All cakes must be 100% edible – with the exception of columns, plastic decor, supports or wire. No ribbon or other non-edible decor will be permitted

Use of non-edible substances (other than what is described above) may cause the entry to be disqualified.

Any cake Entry that fits within the theme & size limitations is acceptable. Cake can be stacked, tiered, shaped, 2D or 3D. Sugar media technique may be used.

There will be no electricity available for the displaying of the cakes. Table dressing such as decorative fabrics are allowed beneath the cakes but must fit within the allotted space.

No personal or business indentifying marks, advertisements, special backdrops or photos will be allowed to be displayed with cake entries. 

Each cake will need to have an index card with Ingredients & flavors on the display

The entries can be a solo person, a group/team or family. All names must be listed on the registration form.


Judging of the cakes will be completed by a panel of judges selected by organizers of the contest. The judges’ decisions will be final.

There will also be People’s Choice judging of the cakes. Attendees will pay $5 to taste all cakes in the contest. They will receive a ticket to vote for their favorite cake. Tickets will be dropped in buckets near each cake. The bucket with the most tickets in it will determine the People’s Choice winner. Monies raised from the cake tasting will benefit HCTC Culinary Arts program.

Entries will not be separated by amateur and professional bakers. All cakes will be judged with the same criteria accordingly.

Judges’ Choice Criteria

Taste (possible 15 points)
Originality & Creativity/Color & Design (possible 20 points)
Use of Theme (possible 25 points)
Structure/Support/Display (possible 15 points)
Skill/Technique (possible 25 points)

Prizes will be awarded to the Judges’ Choice & Peoples’ Choice winners

Entrants are responsible for delivering cakes between 12pm & 2:30pm on March 15th and will pick-up any remaining remnants of cake & display at the completion of the contest.